Olga Vorobyeva is an interior designer. She was born in 1981. She graduated from the Stavropol Regional College of Design, then qualified as a design artist. She has been starting her creative career since the studentship. She has been working cooperatively with the artist G.F.Belov for six years. She received an additional education in the sphere of interior design in the Design Studio “Stilissimo” in 2004. Olga worked as a designer at an architectural studio and graduated from the Norht-Caucasian Academy of Civil Service with success. She has been engaging in design since 2007. A lot of individual and public design projects were created and realized during the work, including the interiors for the pizza restaurant chain “YummPizza” and for the restaurant “Ladoga” of the “Ladozhskaya Usadba” complex.

«Городское обозрение», 2015 «Живая среда», 2014 «Городское обозрение», 2014 «Я покупаю», 2012 «Мир и дом», 2012


Email: olg-vorobev@yandex.ru

Phone: +7 905 261 19 57